Study for Condominium (Algarve)

Study for single-family housing (Alentejo)) 

Single-family house study V6, requested by Mr. Ander Silva, to be built in Portimão 

Study for a house with 4 bedrooms, office, cellar, laundry, technical area, garage, pantry, living room, kitchen, barbecue, and outdoor area with swimming pool 

Study for single family housing (Algarve)

Study for single-family housing (Covilhã)

The fortress "concept house" 

Expansion of the headquarters , whose study was requested by Grupo Desportivo da Mata

Study for single family housing (Algarve)

Study for single-family housing (Covilhã)

Study required by the client to design a villa with 4 suites, garage, living room, dining room, kitchen, laundry, technical area, pantry, library, office, cinema room, games area, gym and outdoor pool. 

Conceptual Art Premium Duplex Apartments 

Study for Rural Tourism, to be located in the area in the Freguesia do Ferro - Covilhã (architectural project in the licensing phase)


Refurbishment project of an old factory, for housing located at Rua Conselheiro Santos Viegas - Covilhã, requested by FINO & MICHAUT - REAL ESTATE LDA

Reconstruction of a single-family house, located at Rua Comendador Gomes Correia, requested by Cristiano da Silva Esteves.

Rural Tourism Project to be located in the Freguesia do Ferro - Council of Covilhã in partnership with Manuel Delgado (under preparation for licensing)

Under construction  

Reconstruction and expansion of a house before 1951, located in Quinta Nova or Reboleiral, Boidobra - Covilhã, requested by Ângela Maria valente Rito and Sérgio Renato Pereira Susana

Construction of a house, located in the Quinta Ponte Terra subdivision (Lot D21), by the applicant João José Reis de Almeida 

Reconstruction of a residential building, to create a new headquarters for CARVALHENSE FUTEBOL CLUBE, located in Vila do Carvalho - Covilhã..

Construction of a single-family house, in the Quinta de S. Sebastião subdivision, lot nº 3, requested by Sandrina Dias Marques


Reconstruction of the "Tomas" service building, located in Canhoso- Covilhã belonging to Florinda Fonseca Abrantes Cabeças   

Multifamily housing project (apartments), located in Quinta da Olivosa or Arripiada, Lot n.º 11, (Anil), requested by CONSTRUÇÕES FERNANDES & F, S.A. 

Architectural project requested by Proatrium, located in the Bela Vista subdivision (lot nº 15) - Covilhã

Housing project, located in the allotment Sito in Meirinhas Ferreira - Lote 6, parish of Boidobra, municipality of Covilhã, requested by Jorge Miguel Oliveira Silva

Reconstruction of a building prior to 1951, to house the support center for community ovens, located at Rua da Ponte - Sobral de São Miguel, municipality of Covilhã, whose Licensing was required by the Parish of Sobral de São Miguel