Bruno Miguel Pereira da Silva of Portuguese nationality and born in the city of Covilhã, Castelo Branco district, began his training in the area of ​​Design and Architecture in November 2001 when he attended a professional training course in CAD/CAM, which was administered by the AECBP - Business Association of Covilhã, Belmonte and Penamacor.

After completing it, he carried out a professional internship at the Novo Ponto Project Office from 07/16 to 10/16, 2002, following up on the acquired knowledge, he decided to develop his activity as a freelance designer, including participating in some works in the office where he carried out a professional internship.

In 2003, he attended a training focused on budgeting and measurement (Meter Budget), also taught by AECBP - Business Association of Covilhã, Belmonte and Penamacor, where he worked at the company JOALEX Transformação Granitos Mármores LDA, from 01/12/2003 - 03/01/2004, employment terminated by choice, as high school graduates at night (Student worker).

He then applied for higher education in 2004/2005 to the Interior and Equipment Design course at the Higher School of Applied Arts in Castelo Branco (ESART), in the following year he decided to transfer to the Architecture course at the University of Beira Interior in 2005, which is admitted to attend the same.

He finished his Degree and Master's in 2010, in which his dissertation was entitled "Futurist Architecture", his supervisor would be Prof. Doctor Luís Moreira Pinto.

In 2010, he decided to continue his training by enrolling in the PhD class at the same faculty, and with the same supervisor for his dissertation, he was also invited to be a guest researcher at CITAD- Center for Research in Territory, Architecture and Design (Universidade Lusíada), who publishes some scientific articles, and who continues as a researcher to date, at the same time enrolls in the order of Architects (South section), and later obtains approval, being given the membership number

The 9 months necessary to complete the requirements stipulated by the Order, were spent at the Jorge Simões Unip, Lda. later come to work in another office, but this one in a part-time period, as a freelance Architect between 01/10/2011 - 30/05/2012 at Gabinete Atelier da Serra 2.

The work carried out from this point on has always been within the scope of personal work and also through some partnerships, not only with other architecture offices, but also builders and interior decorators, such as Emporium Deluxe by Ana Raposo.

The training that followed was in the Real Estate Valuation Area, given by SETUP from 11/22/2011 - 12/15/2011, concepts that are still used/remembered in numerous day-to-day situations.

In 2012 he started as a trainer, in other words, to give others a little knowledge, this was a challenge that his thesis supervisor asked him, and that together with a course colleague (Architect Daniel Trindade), taught UBI's Architecture students, regardless of the year or knowledge of each one, were approached drawing tools, that is, AutoCad, ADT, 3ds Max, V-Ray and Photoshop.

Another very interesting experience was the opportunity to train secondary school teachers, in which Arq. Daniel also participated under the career progression and performance evaluation of teachers (DL nº 15/2007 of 19 January)

Accreditation record - CCPFC/ACC-73061/13, requested by the Beira Interior School Association Training Center.

In 2014, he finished his doctoral thesis, a work that follows on from his master's thesis, which began in 2009, having as its main pillar the application of nanotechnology in Architecture (Theme: Nano Revolution in the Architecture of Tomorrow). 

The conclusion of this phase at an academic level, and the fact that he had trained some college students and secondary school teachers, led him to seek more knowledge that would help improve his teaching skills, choosing to enroll in another training linked to Initial Pedagogical Training of Trainers (CCP), taught by the Conclusion (29/01/2015 - 25/03/2015).

The emergence of Covid-19 has shaken all the nations of the world, this scourge that has taken so many lives and destroyed many economies, has put our way of living "upside down", however, it is also true that it is " synonymous with new opportunities", mainly to be able to evaluate the way we work with Architecture, taking into account this thought, a new training linked to the BIM methodology begins, (Autodesk Revit 2019 (60 hours), by Axiom Training, which completed , but which is still being updated. 

I am currently in partnership with the Municipality of Covilhã within the scope of associativism, with the aim of providing services to these associations and parish councils, a contractual situation that began in 2019, as well as personal architecture projects, which led to the creation of a company 4DMOTION, UNIPESSOAL LDA. 


Architecture and Legalization Projects

3d Rendering, Animation, and soon interactive 3d projects

Elaboration of decoration projects, civil engineering and works budgets, through our partners